I want to sleep in the mountains oblivion
Where my dreams can freeze into something stygian
Where the rivers harden and ice forms the buttress
Where they can’t gain purchase on my mountain fortess
And everything’s made quiet by the long attenuation

I want the cessation of thought so complete
That it leaves me breathless and silence so deep
Something like death in the familial way
Where the peace is a gift at the end of the day.
And is lasts just long enough to quietly sleep

No more screaming or sweating or grinding teeth
Just restful hypothermia like falling asleep
My guilts and failures would have no power there
and they’d be the ones gasping for air.
Take me right to that final line and give me some peace.

As the cold closes my eyes and my breathing slows
I’d trade all the frostbitten fingers and toes
I’d go out like a climber who’d lost his way
Even if it meant just one peaceful day.
I’d have climbed my own mountain and gotten away.