How do you express the perfect moment?
How do you encapsulate the surreal beauty
Of a warm June’s afternoon
With a cerulean sky so big and so clear
your words get lost trying to border the vastness
When the dappled golden rays of everyone’s sun
Filter through the precise leaves of trees
whose names and stories you’ll never know.
What words can possibly describe the feeling of unadulterated, enviable, world-destroying love.
love that is shared on a freshly power-washed deck,
backing a house full of memories -
of chores complete,
of lives commingled
and of secrets shared.

How can express it when you are reeling in awe?
when you are left stupefied, dumb and humbled by the sheer impossibility of that moment.
When you stop to consider how somehow this cold and uncaring universe rolled the dice so precisely in your favor.
When you realize how a single life choice, or random occurrence, or harsh word could have turned this precise moment into so many others.
How do you hold something so fragile and ephemeral in you hands?
How dare you try to limit it with words?