Hazriel and Arigale

Hazriel hated Arigale. They were primordial dragons, brothers and born from starstuff. They were destined to be locked into
an eternal struggle to provide momentum to the universe. The gods created them from that purpose. Bred generation after generation until they selected for every malevolent trait. They shared the same fate
of all siblings born into fire and dark places.

They crawled forth from Obsidian eggs which was a test of strength given even before birth. Out of the average five or six eggs in a clutch, only one survived. Some fetuses lacked the strength to punch their egghook through the ebony gemstone shell. The hatchlings devoured each other until only the strongest survived. If that one survived the myriad wounds inflicted by the death throws of their siblings, it lived to breed the next generation. They would do this until, unexpectantly two survived and had to be pried apart for their struggles had grown so massive that it threatened the heavens themselves.

They had an idea to ensure the universe stayed in balance. Since the light gave way to the dark, there had been a pointless struggle of oneupsmanship. This constant upheavel became such a pointless loss of resources, they made a pact to be just be passive aggressive toward each other. To do so, they needed a way to make all machinations pointless - forced and unilateral equality.

The gods needed forces that could counter balance them like two weights on a spinning chain. Thus, they bread dragons so they could channel all their aggression into gambling. The dragons were chosen by the grand designs of divinity who wanted a better betting track.

The gods had learned it from the humans who’s gift of fire allowed them to create things that not even the gods could imagine. First, dogs, then birds and soon horses, people and even children could be made to competively fight for their lives for the entertainment of the privilege masses.

Privileged masses, however, bore easily. And what is not a pantheon of gods but the ultimate privilege. Regardless of how the mortals arrayed themselves and attempted to master their inventions, the fire invariably burned out of control.
Once the humans has invented dragons in an every escalating lizard husbandry arms race.

So, they could clash atop a battle ground forged from erupting volcanoes as massive armies of devoted humans who sided with beings that would not even acknowledge their existence. While the gods and goddesses turned a deaf ear to their supplicants, they rarely resorted to outright violence.

The dragons, however, weren’t quite so demure with their wholesale slaughter. From the first century where their crashed to earth, their dance of claws, tail swipes and exhalation of three mile long cones of plasma that tended to scorch the top layer of the earth’s mantle.

Their titantic struggle invariably careening into the scatterings of human settlements beneath them. When Haziel through Arigale across a five hundred kilometer river valley, the sonic boom leveled the entire area and melted the snow off the neighboring mountain tops.

Once again, the gods has inadvertently unleashed a new horror on their tiny creations. They could only watch as the dragons careened toward a metropolis, the mightiest city ever built through the cooperation of entire nations of people. The dragons smashed into the towering outer walls and vaulted high enough to block out the sun with their wingspan.

The trouble really began when the dragons hit the ocean. Their hate and hellfire burned so hot, their agitation had grown so fierce, that oceans instantly vaporized. The resulting catastropic change in air pressure destroyed everything on the surface of the earth, except the two dragons.

As the world smoldered like an ashen cinder and the two brothers bounced off into the vacuum of space where they could drift and grow for an eternity until even the light could no longer reach them, the god’s bookie showed up and gave them all a million to one odds it could never happen.