Out there in the universe, there is a celestial event conjoining with our gathering today. A once in a thousand lifetimes event has aligned all our calendars to mark the birth of a binary star. Two heavenly bodies enter a stable orbit. They dance and spin around each other, pulling and pushing, each correcting when the other may falter. They are balanced by their differences as much as their similitudes. As their energies accrete, we must adjust our calculations to consider this new phenomenon.

We must heed the long histories and vast improbabilities bringing them together. Note how the elements and compounds gather, each individual part shaped and influenced by the others around it. They crossed paths at the exactly right time. They reshaped the fabric of space and time and made a place of their own. The composition of each collision will forever be part of their creation. Each gaining gravity, fusing new atoms and growing into something bright enough to draw our eyes upward in wonder.

If we look closely, we can see the individual details distinguishing each shining point even as they appear as one. Just as our ancestors plotted the sky with shapes and fables, as they told tales to explain what they saw, we will tell their epics full of love, adventure and hopefully just enough drama to spice things up a bit. After all, Hercules labored for his Megara. Perseus rode Pegaseus and battled for his Andromeda. Ariadne’s craftiness guided Theseus through his labyrinth. We will share stores of how these two separate, but equal parts balanced their cosmic dance with their stabilizing forces and unique additions. When we behold them, they inspire us like the ancient stories we all read from the tapestry of the galaxies.

If we trace the strong steady blue light, we can see a proud warrior with his strong arms wrapped in a loving embrace. He stands tall and noble - a suitable subject for overwraught odes. Those arms extend from a heart that warms us all against a cold and uncaring universe. That heart pulses and puts out love and appreciation for those in his orbit. We see a kind face with limpid eyes twinkling with an impish humor that can draw groans from the vacuum of space. He inspires myths of mischievous love, of innocent joy and of endless generosity.

The other star shines with a radiant white light. In her, we see an understated lattice of lace casting a radiant corona - a dryad wrapped in a crest of sea foam and bathed in glittering dust. She emanates a nurturing radiance that quietly promises the ripening of summer fruits. She imparts the headiness of intoxicating cane sugar and the delicate joy of a summer’s day. We see a face placid with gentleness, wisdom and a smirk sharp with a witticism should anyone get out of line. She is the polar star who reassurances us that we will find our way.

Each may be beautiful on their own. Each might align our sextants to the correct angle. It is now that they are joined that we can truly find our way. We can add new stories and seeing them together will remind us of the meaning.

Together, they shine brighter than ever. Fused, they brighten the sky and create a new constellation. They join a family full of points of light. They connect constellations made by generations of stars spread out like a jeweler’s trove on a lustrous blanket. Legends of all shapes and sizes form a new map centered around two hearts beating as one.